What is Mandibular advancement splint?

Mandibular advancement splint(MAS) is a medical device worn inside the mouth to treat any orofacial disorders. This includes snoring, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and TMJ disorders.

Other names include sleep apnea mouth guards, mandibular advancement devices, oral airway dilators and sleep apnea oral appliances. Sleep physicians prescribe these appliances for the adult patients who look for treatments to stop primary snoring. And it’s suitable for patients who have obstructive sleep apnea and are not capable of the CPAP therapy. This is an alternate way to those above treatments.

Causes of Snoring and Sleep apnoea

Snoring can happen due to many reasons. It can happen occasionally due to allergies, sinus infections, a deviated septum or enlarged tonsils or adenoids. But, the main cause of snoring is found to be due to the relaxation of the muscles present in the airway during sleep.

When you are awake, the muscles of the pharynx hold the airway open. But, when you are asleep, these muscles tend to relax which result in narrowing of the airway. So, when you breathe in, this disruption in airflow causes the soft tissue in the palate and the throat to vibrate. Such a vibration creates noises and is called as snoring. Snoring Geelong has been found to be effective.

Snoring can become a major problem anywhere especially in personal relationships. People may have trouble sleeping at night because of a snorer in the house. It can result in both parties feeling tired and frustrated throughout the day. It could affect their ability to study or work during the day hours. The worst case would lead the snorer and the other person/ partner to eventually sleep in separate rooms.

Thus, Snoring is a sign of airway obstruction. It is usually associated with a medical condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. There is evidence that people with untreated Sleep apnoea will develop multiple other health problems. A person with OSA is more likely to have cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes, depression or strokes.

It is found out that around 40% of men and 30% of women snore. Of every 10 people older than 40, 7 are likely to snore at some time or the other. Also,75% of adults who snore regularly have obstructive sleep apnoea but are unaware of it.  However, snoring is only one of the signs of OSA and the reverse is also true. Not all those with OSA disease snore. Also, if a long time snorer stops snoring, it might indicate that their OSA has progressed in severity. And hence, there is no complete blockage of the airway.

What is Mandibular Advancement splint Geelong?

Mandibular Advancement splint Geelong is considered to be one of the best snoring solutions to treat mild or moderate snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. Their structure looks similar to that of a mouth guard. It is usually put inside the mouth at night before going to bed. It  need not be worn throughout the day.

They work by pushing your lower jaw to the front. This will open up the airway more and hence there will be much less risk. This will avoid the vibration or any other obstruction in the airflow. This treatment is considered effective, but varies from person to person.

The Best Mandibular Advancement splint will work better if you have a mild or moderate sleep apnoea. Incase, your sleep apnoea is a lot better when you lie on your side than other ways when you lie on your back. Some people have central sleep apnoea, then in such cases, oral appliances will not be of help.

But, this is a less common problem than the obstructive sleep apnoea. But it’s better to try them for a while before coming to a conclusion. One cannot say for sure about how well it will works, because everyone is unique. Obstructive sleep apnoea solutions can follow the same thing.

Mandibular Advancement Splint for Sleep Apnoea

 Why should you Mandibular Advancement splint?

Mandibular Advancement splint is one of the latest Snoring solutions available in the market today. It is far preferred than the traditional CPAP treatment. CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure.

CPAP is proven to stop sleep apnoea quite immediately in almost all the people who have used it. It is an oral appliance as well, which usually improves sleep apnoea, but it might not completely stop it. So in cases of moderate and severe sleep apnoea, CPAP is preferred. While Sleep apnea Geelong is applicable for moderate to mild snoring disorders.

Pros and Cons of sleep apnoea solutions Geelong

In sleep apnoea solutions Geelong , Mandibular Advancement Splints (MAS) is proven to be effective to combat snoring. Mandibular Advancement splint price is very affordable. These splints are specialized dental appliances widely recommended by sleep physicians. This is one of the best available treatment available for primary snoring and OSA.

If fitted correctly, Mandibular Advancement splint Geelong should be comfortable almost all of the time. Since it pushes the jaw forward, some people might feel some discomfort at the initial stages. But, with prolonged usage, sleep apnoea Geelong tends to give better results.

Some discomfort might occur in the joint near the back of your jaw and just in front of the ear. This will go away immediately when you remove the appliance out in the morning. Some other people find that it causes saliva to accumulate in the mouth. Others feel that it makes their teeth tender. But, be assured that these symptoms will settle down quickly over continued usage. Best Mandibular Advancement splint will not harm your mouth too much.

Over prolonged use, there might be tooth movement, problems with the joint and jaw muscles or changes in your bite. It is also important to have a regular checkup with your dentist who has supplied the appliance. This will help in detecting any of these problems at the earliest so they can be cured properly.

There are a number of pathways and treatments available for snoring in Snoring Geelong and sleep apnoea Geelong. Patients usually try chin straps, nasal strips and other products to overcome snoring, but they fail always. Some people prefer surgery from an ENT specialist to open the airway.

Other Tips

If you are overweight, then losing weight might help the problem to some extent. It’s better to avoid alcohol for at least 4 hours before sleeping. If the snoring is caused by an allergy, then try to stay away from that particular thing. Also, Sleeping on the side instead of on your back will surely reduce the snoring problem.