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No referral is necessary to attend our clinic although we are referred to by sleep physicians, GPs and dentists.

No. If we feel you may need one we will refer you for one. It will either be a home-based test, or an in-house test done in collaboration with the hospital in the same affiliated centre as us.

Yes. As an added benefit, the oral appliance protects teeth against the effects of clenching and grinding.

No. The oral appliance is not covered under Medicare as it is considered a dental item.

Yes. The oral appliance and consults are covered under major and minor dental cover.

Please note that many funds such as BUPA, Medibank Private, NIB, Frank and HBF require a letter from our clinic in order to claim a rebate on the oral appliance.

Yes. You will need to have an initial consult, provide or be referred for sleep study and gain prior approval before commencing treatment. Please call our clinic for further information.

The appliances are designed to last around 4 to 5 years. However, if you are a heavy grinder this can tend to wear the appliance a little faster. Otherwise, if you maintain the appliance with proper care, it can last a lot longer. Most patients at the 4-5 year mark like to get a second appliance as a backup.

  • An initial consult which includes examining the health of the teeth and assessment for the presence of sleep apnoea.
  • A follow-up review visit approximately five weeks after fitting the oral appliance.
  • A warranty that covers any faults, repairs, or maintenance with the appliance.

Many patients have successfully worn an oral appliance with as few as four teeth. Please notify the receptionist when making a booking for an initial consult if you are wearing a full or partial denture.

The majority of people are able to wear the oral appliance without any side effects. However, a small percentage of people have minor side-effects such as excessive saliva, jaw tenderness, pressure on teeth and bite changes. Most side-effects are temporary and disappear after a day or two or with a simple adjustment.


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