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First Visit

Is this your first visit? Below is a procedure so you know what to expect when visiting us.

Initial Consult

In a 45 minute consultation with one of our dentists you will be able to ask any questions and chief concerns regarding your snoring and/or sleep apnoea. The dentist will discuss and outline the best treatment plan for you, as well as examine you, to ensure the health of your teeth and to make sure you’re a suitable candidate for an oral appliance.

If you decide to go ahead with the appliance, impressions can be taken at the time of your appointment. The dentist may require you to undergo a sleep study prior to treatment. This can be arranged at the time of your appointment. If this is necessary another appointment (at no fee) will be made to discuss the results and next stage of treatment.

At your initial consult, we would require a deposit for the appliance on top of the consultation fee.


It will take 15 business days for your custom made appliance to be made. These appliances are made here in Melbourne. The fitting appointment will last around 30 minutes and during this time your will learn how to wear the appliance, how it will work best for you as well as maintaining and cleaning of it.


Five weeks after your fitting, we would like to review you for a shorter appointment time of 15-20 minutes to ensure you have adapted well to the appliance.

The fee of the appliance includes an entire 12 months of appointments so whilst we would like to review you after your fitting, you are more than welcome to come back as often as necessary to ensure the appliance is working well for you.

Please note: partners are very welcome to attend the appointments as well – they may be able to provide valuable information regarding your snoring or sleep apnoea.


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